Bamboo Cutting Board and Utensils is the Perfect Hostess Gift this Thanksgiving

Image Source: Cook

Even if you're bring your famous praline pumpkin pie to Thanksgiving dinner, don't forget a hostess gift to show your appreciation.

When hubby and I moved away from our own families in the Midwest, were were lucky enough to be "adopted" by another young couple with a huge extended family. Every Thanksgiving for a number of years, we spend that day with them. I was always grateful for their hospitality. It meant a lot to us living so far away from our own families.

Even though they felt like our family during that time, I would always try to bring something I thought Christine would like. Oh, sure, I brought along a piece of side dish, but I liked to bring something speical just for her. And you know what, all these many years later, she sill is using some of those

If your're looking for a hostess give, then here's that's sure to be appreciated.You can never have enough cutting boards or utensils... especially when it comes to holiday dinners.

This four-piece set is so versatile. It will go with any type of dinnerware, whether your hostess is using Grandma's fine china or her everyday set. Along with the cutting board are three more pieces: a spoon, flat server and tongs.

I love gives like this, because they are useful long after their first given. Your hostess will remember and appreciate this gift.