Cake Stands... Take the Cake as the Perfect Gift Idea for Your Favorite Baker


A cake stand can make the most basic boxed cake look like a culinary confection. Who wouldn't love that as a gift?, But with so many styles, how do you choose? Well, here's some ideas for the perfect gift for your favorite baker.

It seems like you can open a magazine or even go online without seeing a pictures of beautiful cakes and cupcakes. They're like culinary artwork and presentation is just as important and taste. A cake plate helps with the presentation and... well, it's just the icing on cake.

Of course, these pretty cake plates make desserts the star of the show, but they can add a sweet look in other ways. Use cake plates as the foundation of a table centerpiece to hold candles, flowers or fruit. Or take them out of kitchen and dining room altogether and use them in the bathroom and bedroom to hold pretties and makeup. Whoever you give one of these plates to will find many ways to use it. You might even want to consider one for yourself. There are lots of possibilities and styles of cake plates. Just take a look below.

Footed Cake Plates 

Serving with Style 

A footed cake plate -- or pedestal as it's sometimes called -- makes anything look elegant.

Tier Cake Plates 

Layer and Layer of Beautiful Cakes 

For a wedding cake or just plain cupcakes, you can't beat a tier cake plate for presentation.

Domed Cake Plate 

Keeping Your Cakes Fresh and Protected 

Adding a dome -- or cover -- really ups the presentation factor. And helps keep your treats fresher.

Fun Cake Plates 

When You Want to Add Your Own Style to Your Cake Presentation 

With a cake plate as cute as one of these, you'll be baking a whole lot more. Promise!

Cake Carriers 

Practical Ideas to Get Your Cakes from Here to There 

Cake carriers are great for... well, carrying, but they also make presenting and serving easy, too.