Choosig the Best Toddler Puzzles for Christmas


Toddler puzzles are great educational toys that can be as entertaining as they are a great kids learning toy. The educational piece helps toddlers recognize patterns and encourages logical thinking, while still entertaining a tot with interesting shapes and colors. Some of the best toddler puzzles on the market are Melissa and Doug wooden puzzles.

Puzzles have a long history. In 1760, an English printmaker name John Spilsbury created the first puzzle. He mounted maps of Europe onto wood and then cut out the various countries. He called it a “dissected map” to teach children geography.

They may have started with pictures of maps, but today’s puzzles have pictures of just about everything else – nature scenes, buildings, animals and people. In addition, wood puzzles gave way to cardboard puzzles and now to digital puzzles that you and your children can play on your computers or a iPhone.

When it comes to kids learning toys, wood puzzles are still the number one choice – especially toddler puzzles – and nobody does it better than Melissa and Doug.

What Makes a Melissa and Doug Wooden Puzzles

If you’ve ever compared a regular wood puzzle from a big box shop with a Melissa and Doug Wooden puzzle, then you don’t even have to ask what the difference is. The Melissa and Doug puzzles are thick and well made with bright colors and charming subjects. They offer of variety of toddler puzzles that are sure to entertain. Just look at these categories:

Jumbo Knob Puzzles – knobs that are easy for little hands to hold. When the puzzles pieces are removed, there are pictures underneath. Great for a first toddler puzzle.

Chunky Puzzles – The puzzle pieces are chucky. Not only to they fit onto the puzzle board, but the pieces can be used for other play.

Peg Puzzles – much like the Jumbo Knob Puzzles, but with smaller knobs. There are lots of fun toddler puzzle and a novel mix ‘n match shapes that allow children create their own pictures.

Sound Puzzles - Fun toddler puzzles that include sounds to match the puzzle pieces, like farm animal sounds and a speaking alphabet.

Jigsaw Puzzles – Think of these toddler puzzles a step toward big kids’ puzzles. There are fun and colorful scenes with jigsaw cuts starting at 12 pieces and going up to 48 pieces.

Classic Favorites – These classic Melissa and Doug wooden puzzles that have been long-time favorites, from map of the United States, to the alphabet to fuzzy farm animals.

Don’t be Puzzled by Your Toddler’s Puzzle Play

  1. A year-and-a-half years old is about the time toddlers understand puzzles.
  2. Choose a age appropriate puzzle for your child. Younger toddlers can only a puzzle with 3-4 pieces, while a five-year-old can handle 18-35 pieces.
  3. Don’t be discouraged by your toddler’s puzzle play. Young toddlers will like taking the puzzle pieces out as much (or maybe more) fitting it into the right spot.
  4. Find puzzles with are appealing to your child. The more he likes it, the more he’ll play.
  5. Choose toddler puzzles with knobs for young kids. As they get older they learn to handle the knobless puzzle pieces.
  6. It’s okay to help your toddler place the pieces with hints, but don’t do it for her. Puzzles need to be challenging, but not frustrating.
  7. Make sure to check the puzzles for missing or damaged piece.