Flameless Candles - The Gift That Keeps Glowing


Battery operated candles are a great way to add warmth and charm to a  home, without worrying about kids, pets or accidentally fires. That also makes them the perfect gift idea. 

I love giving candles as gifts, whether it to a girlfriend for her birthday or to the neighbor for inviting me to her holiday open house. Candlelight give off a warm and homey glow that's generally appreciated by most people (okay, women). To be honest, I worry about real candles in my house. Between cats, dogs and grandkids running around, it's scary to have burning candles around my house. I also know that's the same for other women I know, so there's no way I'm going to give a gift that could start a fire.

Thankfully, flameless candles save the day... and make gift giving so easy (and less scary). You'll be happy to know there's a large variety of battery operated candles that give you the look you crave, without the worry.

Flameless Candles LED Candles with Remote Control

In my house, battery operated candles - or flameless candles and some like to call them - are the norm. Especially pillars. This beautiful set on the left is typical of what I have scattered around the living room and my bedroom. I love the ivory color -- they go with everything -- but most importantly, I love that they come with a remote control.

That's right. Just like your TV, you can turn these on and off, even if they're in a out-of-the-way place that's hard to reach (and you don't want real flames, such as the upper shelves of a bookcase.).

Battery Operated Pillar Candles

The first thing my granddaughters do when they visit is head for the flameless pillar candles I have around the living room. In no time at all "Mimi's house" is glowing with warm light. We all get something we want. The girls creating a warm, glowing environment and Mimi is happy her girls won't get burned.

These pillar lights offered at Amazon have all the ambiance of tradition flame candles, without the worry. You'll find them in a variety of sizes, colors and even scent (check out that cinnamon scented one in the left corner). Some of the candles come with flickering light (my favorites), white out have timers so you don't have to worry about turning them off. All-in-all, you'll find the right type of battery operated candle that fits your style and decor.

Flameless Votive Candles

What I love about battery operated votive candles is their versatility. They've become my go-to candles now for Jack-o-lanterns and hanging lanterns on the patio for all the typical reasons -- they're safer and handier.

I can use them high reaching shelves and not have to worry about burning the house down. And recently, I've been using them my favorite new collectible -- mercury glass candle holders. I don't have to worry about digging out melted wax and breaking the delicate glass.

I bet you can think of lots of way use these versatile flameless votive candle, too.

Battery Operated Tea Light Candles

Just like the battery operated votive candles, these small tealights can come in handy. And last longer (don't you just hate how fast real wax burning tealight burn up?).

I also love their versatility come holidays because there are so many way to use them. Your gift reciever will, too, especially on a warm summer night. Patios patio will take on a festive glow with these little lights.

So, make sure to include them with with next hostess gift.

Battery Operated Window Candles

A few years ago, my husband was traveling a lot. One night when he was gone, I had read that back in Colonial types women burned candles in the windows so they're loved ones could find their way home in the dark. I liked that idea and immediately ran down to the basement and dug through the Christmas stuff to find a window candle I had. It was one of those plug in types, but it worked.

I so glad that's it's easy to find battery operated candles for windows now. Last years I bought a bunch of them and while I don't burn them 365 days a year, I do fill my windows with a pretty glow at Christmas time and help my loved ones find their way home.

Holiday Decorated Flameless Candles

Pretty candles all lit up for the holidays. What a pretty way to add a warm, country feel to a room. And it's all the better when you don't have to worry about accidentally starting a fire or burning your hand. Have you ever done that with a candle? I have and it hurt!

I love that flameless candles now come decorated. It's so easy to decorate... without a whole lot of thought. And of course, an already for holiday candles are a great gift idea.

Who on your gift-giving list wouldn't love something as pretty these candles. I know I wouldn't.

Round Out your Gift with a Pretty Candle Holder

Whether it's a pillar candle or a series of tea light, the right holder or container makes the gift extra special. The first rule of gift giving is to think about the receiver's taste, but if you're not sure, something beautiful, simple and tasteful is always a good choice.

Simple, clear glass is a personal favorite for gifting giving and gift receiving.

No matter what style of flameless candle you choice to give, you can be assured that it's will be a welcome--and safe--present. And sure to be loved for years to come. 

Happy gift giving.