Tea for One Sets are the Perfect Gift Idea Your Favorite Tea Lover


Just take a look at these tea for one sets and you'll see why your favorite tea lover will whistling a happy tune.  

I love a pretty tea pot and an even prettier tea cup and saucer, but sometimes, when it's just me, it feels like too much work. I know some of my friends and co-workers feel the same. That's why I love these tea for one sets. The pots hold just he right about of tea for one or so cups and the two parts stack together when not in use.

Part teapot and part tea cup, a tea for one set is always ready. All you have to do is add your tea -- bags of loose -- and a little hot water. Then you can set back and enjoy. Now, for me, that's the pefect gift idea.

I've gathered the cutest and best-rated tea for one pots right here for you to browse.

Best Rated Tea for One Set on Amazon

This Delton "Blue Bird" Tea for One Set is a 5.0-Star Favorite on Amazon. It's so pretty with blue background, delicate flowers and handsome birds.

With a big capacity of almost 12-ounces, it's sure to make your tea love happy. It also comes with a matching gift box so there not even any wrapping necessary.

A Variety of Styles Just for You

Just because it's tea for one, doesn't mean you can't treat a friend (or yourself) to a little TLC. That's what I like about this little pots. They can really make tea time "me time." there's a variety of styles, for frilly and girly to fun and silly. And a lot in-between. they are come with two or three parts -- pot plus cup and possibly a saucer or plate for a tea bag. Enjoy the selection.

You've choosen the Tea for One set... now what? How about making some tea?

When it comes to choosing the best loose leaf tea, you'll hear lots of ideas. And it all comes down to personal taste. For me, my current favorite is Twinings Lady Grey. It's a deep, rich black tea orange and lemon peels and cornflowers. I love those blue pieces. And the smell... delicious!