Your Best Friend Birthday Gift is Coming Up Roses

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She loves red and her favorite flowers are roses, so what better best friend birthday gift can you give her? It doesn't matter if she's 17 or 47, your BFF has had your back, now you want her B-Day to be coming up with roses. I've compiled a list of 10 rose covered... well, everything gift ideas to make her day special.

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Rose Covered iPhone Case

She'll love this pretty case for her iPhone. Butterflies fly around these flowers with tiny Swarovski crystals in the center. So, so nice.

The background is transparent so it shows up best on white, silver or rose phones. And it is inexpensive, too, so you can make this part of a bigger birthday surprise package.


Scarfand's Romantic Rose Print Lightweight Infinity Scarf

Scarves are a big fashion accessory and a girl can never have too many. But I'm sure this rose-covered beauty will be one of her favorites.

It's lightweight and not bulky and will look good with a variety of fashions, from blue jeans to dinner dress-up. There's a lot of other color combos, so you might even want to grab a couple more to fill her gift box (Oh, and one for you, too).


French Girl Rose Lip Polish

I just found this Rose Lip Polish and I can't wait to try it. Sound wonderful. It's made of all-natural products, such as shea butter, olive oil, cocoa butter and yes, rose geranium essential oil. doesn't it make you want to rub and smack those your lips? 

While you're over at Anthropologie looking at this, make sure to check out the all the other great products in this new line. Your BFF is gonna love this (and you, too). 


Dickie's Cheetah Rose Printed Tote

Is her friend alway carrying things around... and losing them. This pretty Cheetah Rose Printed Tote just might be the solution to keeping it together. It's sooo pretty, don't you think?

It's a strong canvas awash with pretty red and pink roses with lots of green leaves to fill in the spaces. It's accented with blue and zipper top to up to keep everything together. There's even a small pocket on the side for more stuff.


Vintage Looking Western Rose Belt Buckle

Let your BFF release her inner cowgirl with this vintage-looking Western Rose Belt Buckle. It's is so cute... and inexpensive. Its silver and black giving it an aged looking. And there's lots of tooling, in the large rose itself and the border. 

It works best with a 1.5-inch belt. And it should be the kind that snaps open to accept a new buckle. If she doesn't have one, make that part of the gift. I love this black floral embossed one and it should go well with the buckle. It also comes in brown.  


These Royal Albert Old Country Rose mugs are so pretty and your best friend will love drinking her tea or coffee in them. These are not dainty foo-foo tea cups, but mugs that real women drink from. I also love that they come in four different designs. And all in those soft feminine colors. 

Here's the deal those, Macy's says these are special order and need 30 business day, so if this is a birthday gift, make sure to order early.


Personalized Rose Covered Note Card 

Does your friend have one foot in the digital age and other still firmly planted in the word or grace and elegance? You know, she still loves sending letters and personal notes. If that's her, then she'll love these personalized rose-covered notes cards

These pretty note cards come from Amazon Homemade, that's their new artisan section. I like that you have lots of options with this. The artist handcrafts everything in her Missouri studio. You have your choice of how many note cards  (from 12 to 250), the color of the envelopes (white, beige or natural) and you can personalize with your BFF's name. 


Sports Socks with Pretty Roses

She'll be walking on roses when you give your BFF these pretty rose-covered sports socks. I love the big, bold rose shapes on the ankle rubbed tubes. They're classic crew socks that are comfy and soft.

The other thing I like about these socks is that you have two color choices: ivory and black. You can buy each pair individually or get a nice price break when you order three. You might want to order a pair or two for yourself while you're at it.


T-shirt with the Biggest Rose Design

She'll love wearing this awesome rose t-shirt with her jeans. It's sure to be her go-to top. I love t-shirts as a gift. You can always seem to find a design that works for every gift recipient. 

I love this one. It sports a simple line drawing of a rose. Very, very classic. And even though it's only a t-shirt, it has a very feminine style. Of course, that the rose here, but it looks good in gold and lavender. Oh, and did I mention, it comes in plus sizes up to 3X. 


Wow, Rose and Tweety Bird Watch

This is a twofer gift, for sure, and one your BFF will be so happy to receive on her birthday. Not only is the band a pretty rose-covered design, but the face shows of Tweety Bird basking in flower power.

The band is gel so it's comfy on the wrist and the face is classically round. And Tweety... well, she's a doll with her sweet face. This is a fun gift that your friend will be howling with laughter that you've managed to combine two of her favorite things. 

I hope this page helped you find the perfect best friend birthday gift.

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