Cool Guy Gifts - T-shirts to Make Him Laugh

cool guy gift ideas t-shirts to make him laugh

I'm alway on the hunt for great ideas and since I live in a very "masculine" household, the hunt means looking for cool guy gift ideas. I also live in a household that loves to laugh, but silly, non-useful things are not my idea of the perfect present. That's where t-shirts come in for me. There are literally thousands of fun ideas to choose from, depending on yours (and your gift recipient's) sense of humor.

I've put together 10 ideas that have made me laugh today. I hope you like them. If you're looking for more tees for girls, as well as guys, funny or just great-looking, then check out my Pinterest t-shirt gift ideas board.

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The Escape T-shirt

When I was working in cubicle land, The start of each work week was always the worst. This Escape t-shirt would have been my Monday morning uniform for sure. It also makes one terrific cool guy gift.

I bet you know someone who would get a big laugh out of it, too. Maybe a boyfriend, husband, brother or co-worker. 


How to Pick Up Chicks T-shirt

Here's a find brother gift idea. Or may just a good guy friend especially if he's been having a dry spell with the girls. The pHow to Pick Up Chicks t-shirt is sure to make him laugh... at the shirt and himself.

I love the black and white with just the bright yellow chickie. So clever. And good for a chuckle.


Procrastinators Unite...

Tomorrow! Yeah, it can wait. If you know a guy like this (husband gift, perhaps?) then this is the gift for him. The Procrastinators Unite t-shirt is for him.

If he is a true procrastinator, then you might have to prod and remind him to wear this shirt 😉.


Abominable... Who Me?

Okay, it's not really a sentiment about anything he's done... or maybe it is. I just think this Abominable t-shirt would make a great gift idea for a boyfriend (or hubby). Especially if the two of you've have had a few words. What a great way to make up (well, that and a few kisses).

It's also a cute "just because"... well, just because Mr. Abominable looks so clueless but cute!


I Tried This at Home

Here's a great guy gift idea, especially for those who are prone to do dangerous goofy things. While the I tried this at home t-shirt is perfect for those times when he acts a little... ah, shall we say, immature, it's also just a funny tee.

This can be given to any guy, for any occasion. Boyfriend birthday. Father's Day. Just because I thought of you, babe!


The Beard Growth Chart

I found it. The perfect gift for the son. With this rBeard Growth Chart, I now know my son is sporting an "Amish" beard. (Personally, that's not what I really want to call it, but what can a mother do?).

If there a guy in your life who's decided to grow a bread, then this might be the gift idea you're looking for. Yes, it's funny. 


Finders Keepers

I got a good chuckle when I first saw this pFinders Keepers t-shirt. It reminded me a brother whenever he raided my room. Yeah, this is a brother gift idea for me.

It's a great gift idea for men (you know, those boys in men's bodies types). 


I'm Not Anti-Social

This pI'm Not Anti-Social... I'm Selectively Socal tee describes so many men I know. All nice guys, but not the most extroverts in the bunch. That's okay, we still love them.

I bet you know a someone (or many someones) who would be perfect recipients for this guy gift idea. 


Brain Unplugged

No, I'm not saying he's stupid not fully with it today, but if the Brain Unplugged t-shirt fits... well! Sorry, I just found this funny. It's probably because I have days where I'd like to unplug. And maybe that's the reason you want to give this as a gift to him... tell him it's okay, you understand, sometimes we all have those days. 


Ladies, I Have Arrived

If this Ladies, I Have Arrived tee for a grown man, I would have slapped my forehead and moaned "oh, pleeze!" But look at this bodysuit tee for a tiny, little guy. And we know he's already adorable.

I love the little bowtie, along with the declaration. Wouldn't this make a baby shower gift? I would include it in a gift basket of other cute boy clothes for the little guy.

I hope you like these ideas. It was a lot of fun to put this together and I do hope you found an amazing cool gift idea for your guy (or guys).