First Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

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You've made through your first year of marriage. Good job, but now you're probably stressing over the upcoming celebration. The most important being your first anniversary gift for him. Not only do you want to celebrate getting through that first year of adjustment, but you want him to know how much he means to you.

There are a lot of options to explore for that first important date, from the traditional gift of paper to the modern version or clocks or times. There are the gemstones associated with the first anniversary, pearls, peridot or just gold jewelry (hope that hubby is reading this). Gold and yellow are also symbols of this important event, as well as the orange blossom and pansy flowers.

I touch on all of these as possible gift ideas for the hubby and all from one of my new favorite places to shop, Homemade at Amazon. The ten artisan designed gifts are a good place to find his perfect present.


Personalized Photo & Song Lyrics

This personalized photo with son lyrics is such a perfect paper gift and will have so much meaning. For an anniversary gift, it works best with a wedding photo of yours and his first dance with the lyrics to that song. Then from her Texas studio, this Lacey Fields artisan creates this special creation. 

I'm surprised at how little it cost (around $20 with shipping), but you will need a little time so don't wait for the last minute.


Metallica Album Wall Clock

If your new husband has a man cave (or corner) he'll love this Metallica Album Wall Clock. First, it's made from an original 12-inch black vinyl record and then all the clock features have been added. It's a unique piece, especially if he's a Metallica fan. If he's not, though, don't worry. This California artist has lots of other Records & Stuff items (yeah, that's the company name). I'm kinda partial to the Bob Marley Legends clock right now. 

Clocks symbolize eternal love for the newly married couple and what better way to represent that then with a gift like this.


Green Circuit Board Cufflinks

Peridot is a beautiful green gemstone often seen in first anniversary gift, but not generally for men. That had me think, what would be a great replacement with green just like that pretty stone. Then I found these Circuit Board Cufflinks. They made me laugh and then I thought of all my IT and geeky friends. They would love these.

These are made by a Slovakia artist and fulfilled by Amazon. I love them for their quirky and uniqueness. And the price isn't bad either and come with free shipping if you have Prime.


Music Icon Mug Shot Coasters in Gold Frames

I love this quirky idea to for a gold or yellow first anniversary gift idea for him. It's a set of four music icon mug shot coasters with a touch of gold color around the edges. They are definitely conversation starters, but more importantly, they make sure you guy has someplace other than the new coffee table to set his beer.

This set uses mug shots from Elvis, Prince, Frank Sinatra and Jim Morrison. Some of the most famous icons of music. But if you think he's like something else, this artist from Illinois has lots more, from James Bond to lots of sports teams.


Orange Blossoms & Goat Milk Soap

These wonderfully smelling blooms are another symbol for a first anniversary. The moment I saw these bars of orange blossom and goat milk soap I thought spa date! Make up a gift basket filled will all things for a wonder night of bathing, eating and... well, I shouldn't have to tell you what to do after that. Include these soap bars as a symbol of this important date. 

Along with all the spa stuff (lotions, bath salts, brushes), I include yummy eatable foods you can eat in the tub, such as oysters, dipped strawberries and of course, champagne. 


One Year Anniversary Copper Penny Key Ring

The moment I saw this One Year Anniversary Copper Penny Key Ring I loved it. Just I wish I could have given hubby something this charming back on our first. This Ohio artist hand stamps a token with the words "1 year of love." She then etches a heart around the year of a copper penny.

I love the uniqueness of this gift idea. And since the cost is so affordable, I'd consider getting each of you one of these rings.


Love Journal

This sweet "love" covered journal in red ink on a natural background is a wonderful way to document your first year of marriage. Add your favorite photos and all those important moments. It's your books to create, so add whatever you want. 

I think this is a great way to let your new hubby know how important this first year is to you. Let him know the things he did that endeared him to you more than ever. Remember the funny times. And the sexy. Let him know your hopes and desires for the future.  


First Anniversary Toss Pillow

Whether you use this first anniversary toss pillow on your bed or the living room sofa, it's a sweet note the occasion. I know, this is probably less of a "him" gift than it is a "us." I don't think it matters how you justify this, it's still a wonderful way to remember this day.

This Georgia artist uses a creamy natural fabric for the pillow with black printing. It's an envelope style and it does include the pillow insert. She also has some other cute design that would go well with this one, like the initials and wedding date pillow. Check both of them out over at Amazon Homemade.


Secret Message Stamped Bracelet

He can wear your words every day with this Secret Message Stamped Bracelet. This Arizona artist has produced a really unique gift idea. The bracelet is made of leather strips (you color choice) that'll he'll be proud to wear. The special thing is she stamps a piece of soft metal with your message and this wraps it around the leather. 

He can carry your words of love and affirmation but no one else will be able to see them (unless they can read around the spiraled metal.). Oh, and there's a cute little symbol you can add, too. The heart or key seems to work best for a first anniversary.


Aluminum Wallet Love Note Insert

I've been waiting for something like this Aluminum Wallet Love Note Insert and I'm so happy this California artist is making it real. Here's what it is: a credit card sized with an engraved personalized note that he can carry in his wallet. What makes it so special is that the words are yours. 

I would make this part of a larger gift, most likely with new photographs of you or you and him. As a matter of fact, this is my next anniversary gift to the hubby (but, shh, don't tell him). And, of course, I'll add some new pics. 😍

There were so many choices to add to this list from Amazon Homemade. And all of them unique and special (like your guy). I hope you found something here and that perfect First Anniversary gift ideas for him.

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