How to be an Awesome Gift Giver

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You want to be an awesome gift giver, but when it's come down to picking out the perfect gift, you're... paralyzed. I know lots of people that paralysis affects and it ends up in the same-old, same-old gifts. It doesn't have to be that way, though. I have three simple rules I follow when it comes to finding the perfect presents and I think they may help you.


Just pay attention to what your future gift precipitant has to say. Did he just say he wishes Clint Eastwood would make a new movie. Or is she all excited about the vintage chicken planters she found at the store, but didn't buy. We all talk about thinks we like, whether is the weather or an a new interest in pink crystals.

We talk about the thinks we like all the time, so the best thing you can do is listen. You'll pick up lots of gifting giving ideas that way. Want an example?

One day I was telling my best friend about this cute shabby chic breakfast tray I saw on Pinterest and lamented how much I'd like to find one. Well, guess what I got for my birthday a couple months later? You guessed, a awesome tray... that she made.

Rule number one... keep those ears open and pay attention.


Just like listening above, you can pick up lots of clues by just looking around your gift recipient's home. Does your best friend go ga-ga over Great Danes? She might live in a tiny apartment that doesn't allow dogs (much less dogs as big as ponies) so she soothes herself  a shelf full of  GD figurines.. If you look around your Mom's house, do you notice anything consistent, oh like say a blue glass collection?

The latter is me and I have to tell you I was blow away one Christmas when my teenage son gave me the most gorgeous blue vase. Every since then, it's been filled with faux sunflowers and sits in a prominent place in my living room. The point is, he was looking around, paying attention.

Rule number two... look around. Spot the the important things that the special person is drawn to.


When I say ask, I mean in a subtle, not so on-the-nose way. (Of course, you could do that, but it takes the surprise out and the "ah, you were really thinking about me!") When you and the boyfriend are out shopping and he stops to look at the headsets, pay attention. Ask about what if he needs a new pair. Follow up with more questions what he likes (without being too obvious). If you don't ask, you'll  never know,, right.

Rule number three... ask questions and do some serious detective work.

Giving great gifts that people will love isn't hard. It's just paying attention, keeping a mental note of someone's interests and then following through and finding that perfect present. I can promise you that your gift recipient will appreciate the your thoughtfulness.