Mugging it Up with Gift Ideas for the Boyfriend

Image Source: Pixabay/Unsplash

Yikes, coming up with gift ideas for the boyfriend can be hard, especially if you're not quite ready to get too personal. Rough, yes, I know. That's why I'm a big fan of giving coffee mug for birthdays, anniversaries (like the day you first met) or just because he's a cool guy. These five mugs run the gamut from keeping it light to moving the relationship forward.

You are Interested and Think He's Special

Yeah, he's a cutie. And he might even know it. But you're not ready to put all your cards out on the table... yet. This is the perfect mug that lets him know you might want to take it to the next level... boyfriend level, that is.

I love the simplicity of this mug. Just three little words (not those) and a tiny little heart. That's not putting it on the  line, too much, is it?

Your Heart is Warm & His Feet are Cold

Sometimes it takes him a while to get the idea that you two were made for each other. It's a guy thing, so don't take it too seriously. And if you're not ready to push it, then this might be the right mug.

It's a little sarcastic, but that's okay. It might be just the thing to shake him up a little. And we know shaking him up can be a good thing 😉.

Okay, You're a Couple, But... 

He gave you all the vibes and wants to be exclusive, but he's still dragging his feet. You know, he's spending more time with his sports and guy friend than with yout. Time for the boy to get with the program.

I know, I know, it's a little snarky, but sometimes that what it takes to get him to the next level. See below ⤵

He is the Best Boyfriend Ever so Let Him Know

He's made it! He is the best boyfriend, isn't he. You've been telling all your girlfriends that for months now. Isn't it time you let hi know how you feel.

Again, it's three simple words (yeah, it's getting closer to those three). I love the white against blue and it's such a guy color. But there are other color choices, too. Go over to Amazon and check it out for yourself.

When You're Ready to Get Serious

You've been a couple for awhile and if he's popped the question, what a great way to celebrate. And if he hasn't yet, well maybe you can you use this pair of mug to get him off the couch and on his knees.

Of course, you'll want to present your "hint" in a fun way. Maybe it's a, "Oops, baby, I thought I was just getting the boyfriend/girlfriend mugs. It must be a sign, huh?"

Or, you can just be straight out and say, "Baby, I think it's about time and and get down on your knee. Who says the guy always has to ask.

These mugs are inexpensive, as well as fun, but if you want to make the gift a little bigger, make it a part of a gift basket. You can include his favorite beverages.

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Oh, and forget his favorite cookies, too.