Give Her that Granny Bling with these Grandmother Jewelry Gift Ideas


Do you end up scratching you're head and fretting over grandmother gifts for that special lady at Christmas, birthday and other holidays? Jewelry is always a good place to start. Nana is a woman, after all, and we do like that bling.

Now here's the thing to remember (and yeah, I know you probably understand this), but not all grandmothers are cut from the same cloth. Some are traditional, while other might have a wild streak. If you've read my 3 Rules to Be an Awesome Gift Gifter, then you know you should be thinking about her likes and hobbies before any gift-giving. Then, take a look at the ten jewelry gifts below to make this gift the best you've every given her.


Grandma Bracelet with Prayer

If Nana is a traditionalist, then she will love this Grandma Bracelet with Prayer.

Its a simple bangle with a heart charm, but the sentiment inscribed on the bracelet is all heart. If you have a hard time telling her how much she's meant to your life, then this just might be the place to start.


Two-tone Gold Grandmother Pendent

This beautiful Two-tone Gold Grandmother Pendent is another traditional grandmother gift idea, especially if you want everyone to know she's the #1 Grandma.

This is a pendent only, no chain included, the's finished in a 14-carat two-tone gold. The two small roses are so sweet... just like Mawmaw!


Handmade Disk & Names Necklace with Pearl

Names and birthstones of grandchildren is another tradtional type of grandmother gift. I like the uniqueness of this Disk & Names Necklace with Pearl from Amazon's Handmade.

There are three graduated disks to stamp the names. All three are put together on a chain and ebbellished with a simple pearl. It's handmade, so off course, it's just perfect.


Honora Style Cultured Freshwater Pearl Necklace

If Geema isn't the name-on-the-necklace type, I bet she'll still love this Honora Style Cultured Freshwater Pearl Necklace. It's simple, yet stunning.

The best part of this necklace is that it comes in lots of colors from grape to classic white, but I'm partial to this dusty rose color.  The 7mm-8mm-size pearls are just perfect, too.


Olivia Burton Light Grey Watch

Do you and Oma share the same style? Don't be stunned, your fashion sense had to come from somewhere. If that's the case, she'll love this  Olivia Burton Watch with is pretty grey band.

Doesn't it just say style and sophistication... just like Oma?


Nose in Her Book Brooch

If you've been paying attention (or doing your gifting homework), you might have noticed Gramms is an avid reader. This Nose in Her Book Brooch would be perfect then.

It's crafted with copper, brass and alpaca (a silvertone Alloy) and at 1 1/4" wide x 1" tall is big enough to make a statement.


White Copper Calcite and Sterling Silver Post Earrings

I've been loving the new artisan finds at Amazon Homemade, just like these White Copper Calcite and Sterling Silver Post Earrings. I bet your Banma would too, espeically if she like unique jewelry.

I love the beautiful copper veins that run through the opal white calciite gemstone. This California artist did a great job, and she also has other stones to choose from.


Classic Bangle Set

Here's another simple, yet elegant jewelry gift idea for your Grammie. This Classic Bangle set features three bracelets that are crafted from 14-karate gold-plated metal.

It's the kind of classic pieces that never to out of style... just like your grandmother 😉.


Animal Print Bangles

Now if your abuela has more of a wild streak, then this set of  animal print bangles might be more her style.

While it has a variety of animal prints, it's done with stubtle style. I love the natural textures and tones of this bracelet. Kind of a glam thing going on.


Turquoise Dreamcatcher Necklace

If your mimi is still reviving her Bohemium hippie style, then this Turquoise Dreamcatcher Necklace will go well with her tiered skirts or blue jeans.

The pendents and 18-inch chain are crafted from .925 Sterling Silver and feature a natural turquoise gemstone.

There's no one-size-fits-all-grandmother gifts, so choose the piece of jewelry that fits yours. You'll never go wrong with that.