I Love Duo Hoodies Gift Idea for Valentines Day

Image Source: Pixabay/AllyArtist

I'm always on the lookout for something Valentine's Day gift ideas (just ask my hubby about his "Wild Thing" tiger). It's the Goldilocks thing for me... it can't be too expensive, too big, too small. It has to be just right. That's why I'm loving these duo "I Love..." hoodies. Talk about keeping heart and body warm. The one for him say "I Love My Wife," while the other declares "I Love My Husband." How perfect is that for Valentine's Day. Or any other day.I'm big of the Sun Frog shirts. They have so many great designs that usually has lots of meaning.

Cute, right? I'm not saying you can't add something extra to the gift giving (there is that "Wild Thing" tiger), but it's a good start and something you both can share that declares your love for each other.